The Amazing Spider Lift

Tracked Aerial Platform

Jet Tree Service is very pleased to introduce the AMAZING Spider Lift Tracked Aerial Platform!

This is truly a gamechanger for anyone in eastern Ontario that requires the removal of unsafe trees.

Track lifts have revolutionized the tree removal industry.

Ultimate Safety

Instead of having a worker climb a tree to trim or begin the removal process, the spider lift can lift the worker to the highest part of the tree.

Not only does the bucket provide ultimate safety to the worker, but the stability of the platform eliminates risk of overturn.

Ultimate Flexibility

The tracks on the lift exert significantly less pounds per square inch than a bucket truck or bucket van.  This means spider lift can travel over lawns and other soft areas without causing damage or leaving deep ruts on your property

Our track lift can reach over 72 feet high and get through a 36″ gate!  No more putting heavy bucket trucks on your new driveway or climbing that hazardous tree.

Ultimate Portability

Spider lift is so portable that we can even bring it to cottages and hard to reach destinations... EVEN IF YOU ARE ON AN ISLAND!